Patxi Arocena is a mythical climber and from Basque Country in Spain. Born in San Sebastian-Donosti in 1965, Patxi became one of the early pioneers of sport climbing in Spain and had huge influence on the growth of the sport here.

He did the first 8a and 8a+ onsight routes, and the first 8c route in Spain, with “El Calvario”.

For many years Patxi was an inspiration for the new generations of Spanish climbers, including us who looked upon Patxi as a role model.

Patxi had a long career on the competition scene, many times he was a Spanish lead climbing champion and he set very high standards in international competitions.

These days Patxi focuses a lot of his time on his family but also manages to squeeze in his other two passions: surfing and climbing.

We’re looking forward to seeing Patxi at the Kalymnos Festival this year!

La_Brocha_1st_spanish 8a

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