A Double Record-breaking Year for Lavaredo

There are twice as many reasons to be excited by the results of this year’s Lavaredo Ultra-Trail race that took place this weekend in the Italian Dolomites. Amazingly, the 119km kilometer trail running event, saw two course record’s being broken in both the Men’s and the Women’s category. Norwegian-born Didrik Hermansen powered through the trail at a strong and steady pace arriving at the finish line at an impressive 12 hours 34 minutes and 29 seconds.

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Race Preview for The North Face Lavaredo Ultra-Trail

It’s the 9th edition of The North Face Lavaredo Ultra-Trail race and Cortina is buzzing with runners and supporters alike preparing for the start at 11pm on June 26. With the iconic bell-tower of Cortina ringing in the countdown, 1,000 trail runners will be making their way up to the scenic mountain trails of the Dolomites. The 119km run, with a positive elevation of 5,850 metres, looks to have favourable weather with sun…

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The Appetiser before the Main Course

For the first time ever, the Lavaredo hosted the Cortina Skyrace, a 20km trail run set, unsurprisingly, in the picturesque mountains of the Dolomites. Attracting a wide range of runners of different levels, 300 participants kicked off the race at 5:00pm on the 25th of June and made their way across the course, with a positive elevation of 1,000. This first edition kicked off at 5.00 in the afternoon with sunshine and a cool wind blessing the runners as they made their way through Cortina up into the mountain trails.

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Aconcagua: A Not So Simple Dream

The life of an athlete is about constant challenges. Some you overcome, others you give up on, and many you don’t let go of until you succeed. In the beginning of this year, The North Face ultra-runner Fernanda Maciel attempted to ascend and descend Aconcagua (6,960m) in the fastest time possible, but did not make it. We asked her to write a short piece for us to get her thoughts on the adventure and what the whole experience meant for her.

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Interview with Rory Bosio winner of the #UTMB14

After the UTMB winners press conference we tagged along an interview with The North Face athlete Rory Bosio and the dutch and english media. Rory won the UTMB for the second time in a row this year. In 2013 she set a new course record by almost two hours and 20 minutes. The questions started with why Rory got into long distance trail running. She explained that it is the need to explore and nature’s beauty that drives her love for the sport.

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Podium results of the 5 races of the #UTMB14

Another edition of The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc comes to end, and the emotions are high as usual. More than 7000 runners participated in the 5 races of the UTMB (UTMB, CCC, PTL, TDS, OCC) The #UTMB14 race itself, the original 168km ultra, ended with team runner Rory Bosio claiming a second win in a row. The young American stood on the podium after powering across the finish line after a 23h23min grueling run.

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