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Caroline left the colourful island of La Reunion to explore the climbing world, having already mastered sport climbing. During her travels she discovered new worlds and styles like multi-pitch and trad climbing, as well as a group of friends who helped her cultivate these new passions. Now, she is returning to her roots, accompanied by that group of friends: Yuji, James Pearson, Sam Elias and Jacopo Larcher, to rediscover the island and to introduce trad climbing to her old world.

The Expedition Team
Caroline Ciavaldini
James Pearson
Sam Elias
Jacopo Larcher
Yuji Hirayama

Reunion Island
Indian Ocean (France)

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La reunion
St Paul
St Benoit
St Pierre
Caroline Ciavaldini
James Pearson
Sam Elias
Jacopo Larcher
Yuji Hirayama
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La Chapelle: Our Challenge with a Multi-Pitch Route

We came to La Réunion with a fairly simple objective; to open a new multi-pitch route, ground-up, using as few bolts as possible. On first arriving at La Chapelle we knew we had a potential 7 days to attempt the wall, but all were quietly thinking we would be finished a lot sooner than that. [..] The wall looked short and featured, with a clean series of cracks and corners running from bottom to top - the only problem... perhaps it would be too easy to present a worthy challenge? ...more

My First Route on the Island of La Réunion

We organized amongst ourselves and then made the walk into La Chapelle – a beautiful, narrow, and tall canyon. It was always to be the primary objective of our trip, and we’ve managed to establish a difficult 7 pitch route from the ground up. 6 of the pitches have been climbed free, but the most difficult – pitch 5 – which we think is 8c or 8c+, has not been completed. ...more

My first experience of ground up climbing

We camp out in the middle of La Réunion island, where the nearest town is called Cilaos and our camp site is about 1.30h of hiking from Cilaos. After 15m of climbing there is nothing to protect me to go next 8m and it's looked very hard. I wasn't sure that there will be the place to protect or not... [...] I knew how hard was the climbing... plus he placed the blot on hooks. I was surprised how he can manage to put the bolt... ...more

Let’s get started

Now all the team is on the island and we are leaving today for the main goal of the expedition; we will go in the wildest part of the island for 8 days to try to open some new routes from ground up on trad. I’m sure it is going to be an amazing experience and everybody is very happy and motivated to start. ...more

Landscapes of the Island

On Monday Jacopo, Yuji and Sam arrived... the expedition will properly start! James and I have been hiking all around the island to find the best walls. Check out below few amazing shots from one of my childhood friend Thomas Duval. ...more

The Reunion – Surprises and wonders of a volcano

Two days in the trip. James and I have arrived in advance to check out our different options: Which canyon, what wall, in which circus, and how to approach? And what better way than asking the help of some local guys? For sure, I should be “a local’… but I have spent very little time [...] ...more