My UTMB® – The best thing I’ve done in the mountains – Des Rhule (Ellis Brigham’s, Store Manager)

After last weekend’s race, we sat down with Ellis Brigham’s Outdoor Department Manager, Des Rhule, to understand what it is like to participate in a gargantuan run like the 168km UTMB for a non-elite athlete. Here’s what he had to say: TNF: Why did you do it? What was the motivation to run the UTMB? [...] ...more

#UTMB13 – The Year History is Made

This year’s The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc® (UTMB®) will stand out from the many that have been, and maybe even those to come. Not only because it’s been the first one since 3 years that hasn’t been pestered by bad weather or course shortenings – perfectly blue skies blessed this year’s event – [...] ...more

Race Updates – The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc and CCC

At the last checkpoint, at Trient, three The North Face athletes, Timothy Olson, Mike Foote and Rory Bosio were 6th, 7th and 8th respectively. If Rory is able to finish the race within the overall top 10, she will be the first woman to succeed with this record at The North Face Ultra Trail du Moint-Blanc. ...more

TDS 2013 Podium

Compared to the bad weather of 2012, this year’s TDS race saw a significant improvement in conditions as the participants raced under a blue sky for most of it. And the photos are all the more spectacular because of it. ...more

The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc: Mini UTMB

What's more fun than getting ready for a 168km (104.3 mile) running race with more than 9600m (31,500 feet) of elevation gain and loss? Well racing with your kids of course. ...more

Lines. The ones that we cross and the ones that we don’t – Lizzy Hawker

When in the beginning of June, Lizzy Hawker injured herself, her plans to run the UTMB changed drastically. With broken ribs and a stress fracture of the foot, Lizzy had to shift the focus in her training races from finishing first to simply getting better. Here is what she ad to say about it: The [...] ...more

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