Philippines Climbing Expedition – Caroline & James in the Quest to find Virgin Rocks

Exploring always carries a little risk, that’s just the nature of the beast. Around 10 years ago, some of my friends were the first people ever to Deep Water Solo in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. There had been people before, like Todd Skinner and Lynn Hill, and before them the local birds nest collectors, buy [...] ...more

Caroline Ciavaldini – Insights from Kalymnos

Who’s climbing style amongst the athletes that are here do you admire the most? Male and Female Joanna Ernst from the comp. When she was 15 she was so fluent and so light. Just as if every hold was a jug, when she was open-handing it really looked effortless. Really,really smooth. So yeah, JoannaErnst. For the men, he’s not here, but he was last year… Yuji Hirayama. He’s got this very Asian cat-like style. He’s very dynamic and at the same time very light on his holdsand very precise on his foot placements. It’s like a cross between adancer, a cat and karate kid. ...more

Day One: The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival

It’s the first day of The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival and the competition has been blessed with superb conditions without a cloud in the sky and a pleasant autumn sun.Running for the second year in a row, the contest has had a cracking start with Alexander Megos leading the classification having sent two routes [...] ...more

The First Ascent of Kunyang Chhish East (7400m), Southwest Face By Hansjörg Auer

On the morning of July 18 the winds calmed down and the weather cleared up. It seemed our last chance. At 6am, as the sun rose we set off. The following mixed part was hard, our toes and fingers were freezing and the long traverse out to the ridge on glared ice was very exhausting. [...] ...more

La Chapelle: Our Challenge with a Multi-Pitch Route

We came to La Réunion with a fairly simple objective; to open a new multi-pitch route, ground-up, using as few bolts as possible. On first arriving at La Chapelle we knew we had a potential 7 days to attempt the wall, but all were quietly thinking we would be finished a lot sooner than that. [..] The wall looked short and featured, with a clean series of cracks and corners running from bottom to top - the only problem... perhaps it would be too easy to present a worthy challenge? ...more

My First Route on the Island of La Réunion

We organized amongst ourselves and then made the walk into La Chapelle – a beautiful, narrow, and tall canyon. It was always to be the primary objective of our trip, and we’ve managed to establish a difficult 7 pitch route from the ground up. 6 of the pitches have been climbed free, but the most difficult – pitch 5 – which we think is 8c or 8c+, has not been completed. ...more

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