Climbing Legends – Iker & Eneko Pou talks about Patxi Arocena

Patxi Arocena is a mythical climber and from Basque Country in Spain. Born in San Sebastian-Donosti in 1965, Patxi became one of the early pioneers of sport climbing in Spain and had huge influence on the growth of the sport here. He did the first 8a and 8a+ onsight routes, and the first 8c route [...] ...more

Climbing Legends – Simone Moro Speaks About Maurizio ‘Manolo’ Zanolla

You could say that Manolo is a climbing legend but I don’t think this is enough; he is much more than that. He is an icon in the sport climbing world. Through his climbing style and abilities during the 1980s Manolo achieved almost mythical status. He became known as ‘The Magician’ due to his ability [...] ...more

Climbing Legends – James Pearson on Boone Speed

For US climbers, and a lot of us over the other side of the pond, Boone Speed and his climbing needs little introduction. His first ascent of Super Tweak in Logan Canyon raised American sport climbing standards, and amongst other things set a 14 year old kid called Chris on his journey to becoming “Sharma” [...] ...more

Caroline Civaldini – Meeting my hero (Yuji Hirayama) at 15

I grew up on a small Island that was part of France, even if it was in the southern hemisphere. Even there, climbing was a school sport, and even there, we received the climbing magazines : Rock & Wall and Grimper. From them, I got to read about the climbing stars, competition climbers such as [...] ...more

Philippines Climbing Expedition – Caroline & James in the Quest to find Virgin Rocks

Exploring always carries a little risk, that’s just the nature of the beast. Around 10 years ago, some of my friends were the first people ever to Deep Water Solo in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. There had been people before, like Todd Skinner and Lynn Hill, and before them the local birds nest collectors, buy [...] ...more

Caroline Ciavaldini – Insights from Kalymnos

Who’s climbing style amongst the athletes that are here do you admire the most? Male and Female Joanna Ernst from the comp. When she was 15 she was so fluent and so light. Just as if every hold was a jug, when she was open-handing it really looked effortless. Really,really smooth. So yeah, JoannaErnst. For the men, he’s not here, but he was last year… Yuji Hirayama. He’s got this very Asian cat-like style. He’s very dynamic and at the same time very light on his holdsand very precise on his foot placements. It’s like a cross between adancer, a cat and karate kid. ...more

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