Philippines Climbing Expedition – Caroline & James in the Quest to find Virgin Rocks

Exploring always carries a little risk, that’s just the nature of the beast. Around 10 years ago, some of my friends were the first people ever to Deep Water Solo in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. There had been people before, like Todd Skinner and Lynn Hill, and before them the local birds nest collectors, buy [...] ...more

Nanga in Winter: Why We Had To End The Expedition at 7,200 m (23,622 ft)

Our expedition is over. The Nanga summit remains only a desire for now. David realized it would be too dangerous on Saturday morning, March 1, at 7,200 m (23,622 ft). He had reached the top of the Mazeno Ridge with the Polish climber Tomas Mackiewicz. They had the opportunity to look at the other side [...] ...more

Nanga in Winter: The First Summit Attempt, Why We Turned Back

The first summit attempt has failed, so we’re back at base camp again, and we have to start over from scratch. There definitely will be more attempts in the next days. On such huge mountains, a vain attempt is pretty normal because it happens in winter. The exceptions would be good weather, everything going smoothly, [...] ...more

FWT: Sam Smoothy smashes the pack in Fieberbrunn

The North face athlete, Sam Smoothy took first place after a hard-charging, high-energy run, which flirted with flair and style as he managed both a double and triple cliff drop. All in all, his impressive demonstration resulted in a strong score of 86.50 in the Men’s Ski cateogry, which has now placed him 2nd in the overall ranking. ...more

Nanga In Winter: 3 Reasons why we have to wait patiently at basecamp

On January 31 we spent a quiet day at base camp. The weather was snowy and foggy, and the Nanga peak was wrapped in cloud. Simone and David took a rest after the hard work of the previous days: they had climbed quickly to 7,000 m (22,965 ft) and set up C3 with a small [...] ...more

Nanga in Winter: The Expedition so far in the words of Simone Moro

“The route conditions are peculiar: there’s only ice in the higher stretch, and not much snow on the mixed route. The Polish guys also said that it’s way different from last year; it’s much more difficult. Much more technical skill and dedication are required, and we have to pay more attention both ascending and descending [...] ...more

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